My Birthday, 11/2, & Best Wishlist Gifts Ever!

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My birthday is almost here! I’ll be 37 years old on November 2nd. Shockingly this isn’t a national holiday yet (despite it being election day this year, also not a national holiday yet). Alas, we can still celebrate me like it is a holiday.

It’s a pretty great birthday. I share it with Marie Antionette and Warren G. Harding. The people born on November 2nd are clearly destined to be rulers. My cousin’s kid also shares my birthday, but we won’t put too much pressure on him yet; he is only turning 10. 

Anyway, back to me, this is my blog, after all. In this space, I’m the most important person born on this day. I will celebrate by taking off at least that day to enjoy myself. Book birthday sessions and outings accordingly.

Make My Birthday as Special as I Deserve

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It’s my 2nd pandemic birthday. So I won’t be doing a lot. You have an opportunity here to make this day special anyway. My tribute page is filled with ways you can do that, as well as my recent blogs about outings and FMTYs.

Booking a session where you give yourself over for my fun is always a wonderful way to celebrate. You do know how much I love to torture. Feel free to add your suffering to my birthday present.

As I mention on my worship page, presents are never expected or demanded. I am always grateful for gifts and remember those who send tokens of their appreciation, but I will never think less of those unable to send gifts.

I keep my wishlist filled with a wide variety of items to make sure everyone has something accessible to them if they choose to send gifts. Items on my list start under $10 and go up from there. 

The thing that is not on the list I would be very excited to receive this year is a new laptop. I specifically mean the Dell XPS 17 9710 with these specs

The sub/bottom that sends that will find themself quite in my good graces.

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Gifts have already begun arriving for my upcoming birthday. Getting these gifts has made me think about some of the best gifts I have ever received. Now seems like a great time to talk about them!

In no particular order (maybe a little chronological), here are a few of my favorite wishlist gifts ever:

  1. DVF Luggage – This luggage set has been with me for almost ten years. It was my first set of truly quality luggage. I use it for travel, sessions, laundry, moving. My travel schedule alone destroyed two other sets in just a couple of years.

  2. The Hue Lights starter kit – This revolutionized my life! Lighting is very important to me. I was always trying to hack my apartment lighting to give me the feelings and looks I desired.

    Getting this set of bulbs set off an addiction. I now have almost every indoor light they make. My entire apartment is decked out. During quarantine, having the ability to change my surroundings in that way really helped me stay sane in my studio apartment.

  3. Packing cubes – If you don’t know what these are, you need to find out. These little bags are the secret to keeping my shit together on tour and at home.

    After getting my first set, I became dedicated to getting them in every color and shape. I use them to organize all my gear, toys, and other travel necessities. I even use them all over my apartment to keep my toys and gear easily accessible.

    I have passed this knowledge on to many dommes, and they are just as excited about packing cubes as I am.

  4. Countless kitchen gadgets – You guys are amazing with keeping me in appliances, gadgets, utensils, and glassware. Having the tools to make food prep and storage easier has made me much healthier. As well as made my bank account much happier. I order in so much less thanks to these goodies.

  5. Furniture – recently speaking, my bed and desk. Both of these came from the same amazing sub, and they both have had profound effects on my life.

    The desk gave me the home office I had been working to build since moving. After years of working from my bed, couch, or table, this was a hugely needed upgrade.

    The bed gave me the push I needed to upgrade my mattress. Moving into my new apartment, I finally had the space to get a larger bed. I was dragging my feet because this meant I would need a larger mattress. Getting a new mattress meant researching a better mattress.

    I am so glad I did it. I bought a purple mattress, and it has done wonders for my sleep, back, and joints. Memory foam just can’t give this kind of comfort.

  6. Mini Bose speaker – I got this when I moved into my first solo apartment. It was such a game-changer. It instantly elevated my experience of enjoying my space. I still have it. I take it on vacation, bring it to the beach, use it on tour for sessions.

This list was just a small sample of the most life-changing gifts I have ever received from my wishlist. My apartment is filled with toys, clothes, shoes, accessories, and home decor from compassionate fans.

If I didn’t have a wishlist, I might have gotten myself some of these things anyway, but the things we get as gifts are often things we want but don’t buy ourselves. The fact that they came as expressions of adoration makes them so much better.

Whenever I use these items, I think of the people who sent them to me. I think fondly about the moments we spent together. If I have never met the sender, I’m amazed by their generosity and care. I never forget a sender. Whether their gift is still in my life or not.

I'll be Celebrating, You May Worship and Tribute

For my birthday, I am giving myself the gift of a spa day with my good friend, Maya Midnight. I’ve missed the spa in this pandemic. I am very excited about this birthday present. 

How will you help me celebrate? Remember, my wishlist isn’t the only way to send gifts for me. Is there something you want to treat me to something else? Visit my tribute page or send an email. I am always open to ideas. 

Of course, you can always celebrate with me by taking me on an outing. I love getting dressed up and enjoying birthday dinners or drinks. It lets me keep the celebration going for many days.

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