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I have had a great few months being back to sessions. I account my ability to do that to the fact that all my subs/bottoms are vaccinated. To keep this going, I am officially only accepting bookings with vaccinated people until further notice. Yes, I am going “Vaxxed Only”.

How long will this be? I’m guessing this will continue until we only have vaccinated people left to come to see me. I am vehemently pro-vax. I got my first dose in February and have been considered fully vaccinated since the end of March.

Making indoor activities vaxxed only has been good for the city. I have no reason to believe it won’t be great for us too.  I know it brings me a level of comfort when I leave my house. 

I am not trying to discriminate against those who have health reasons keeping them from getting the vaccine. I’m doing this to protect them. It’s my job as a dominant to ensure the safety and well-being of those who come to me.

Let me be clear; I am most definitely discriminating against those who have chosen not to get vaccinated.  When you are two weeks past your 2nd dose, let’s have some fun. Until then, I will not take chances with the health of my friends, family, and other subs/slaves/bottoms.

"Vaxxed Only" booking is for everyone's safety.

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I love all the fun I get to have in my career. I get the opportunity to meet so many different and incredible people. I want it to stay that way.

I know this “vaxxed only” announcement won’t affect me, or you, much because I’ve been very open about my stance on those who choose not to take the vaccine.

If you are still choosing not to take the vaccine, you probably already hate what I have to say on Twitter. If you haven’t seen what I have said, please feel free to give me a follow.

If you cannot take the vaccine yet, I am sorry that it has to be this way for now. Distance domination is still available until I can feel it is safe to have you visit me.

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The only reason I have not done this sooner is because of how much I value your privacy. However, the people who won’t take the vaccine are the same people who would lie about having had it.

So now I must see proof of vaccination and ID when you arrive. If you do not have it, I will not see you, and you will not be allowed to book again in the future. Hoping I see you since you are already there is rude and entitled. Don’t try it.

If we have already played this year, I already know your status. I will not require proof from you. This is for anyone I haven’t had the vaccine talk with yet. 

I will be laying out these terms during the booking process, so you are fully aware. If you give me an attitude about it, you will not be allowed to book again in the future.

To be blunt, you are still willfully unvaccinated. That’s basically two strikes against you. I can forgive those when you get vaccinated; I will not forgive rudeness.

Make your own choices, but know my requirements

The upside of this is that we can both feel comfortable removing our masks for the session. I will still ask if you prefer either or both of us wear them. Knowing I spend my time with the vaxxed only should ease any concerns of us both being maskless.

I like to think of this as a reward for being vaccinated. Some states are giving money or lotteries or prizes. Here, you get to serve me. That’s a pretty great reason to get the jab.

If you have yet to be vaccinated, by choice, you can go ahead and do your own research, but you cannot serve me until you listen to research of credible scientists. I even want you to make your own decisions about how this new mandate makes you feel toward me.

If this, at all, persuades you to get vaccinated, I will help find you the appts and come with you for support, if you need. Free of charge.  Whatever it takes to help you get vaccinated. We can’t get through this until we are all working together to reach the goal.

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