These are my top 5 personal fetishes. That doesn’t mean they are my only interests, just my favorites.


Please check out my video diary where I explain my top 5 fetishes in detail. You can skip to 7:50 to get right to my fetishes.

1. Degradation
Humiliation is fun, but I like to take things further. Embarrassment isn’t even on my radar, it’s not one of my interests. I want to use verbal and physical means to make you feel dehumanized. That especially includes objectification.

Breaking you down is one of my favorite things to do. I’ll smile and laugh at your tears, feeling no remorse. Making me happy should be your top priority. The more I get to know you, the deeper I can dig into you.

2. Foot Domination/Ball Busting

I love using my feet to tease, torture, and abuse. Boot/shoe worship, ball busting, foot gagging, trampling. I could go on. I’m even happy to just have my feet worshipped.

The joy of being worshipped is exactly why I began offering “Solely Worship” sessions. I want the luxury of giving my feet some pleasure accessible to all my favorite fetishists. Being worshiped will always be one of my interests.

For my ball busting enthusiasts, I know you can’t take that level of pain for extended periods. Now you can book a “Just Busted” session. Another discounted, single-fetish 60 min session offering.

3. Discipline
I’m a strict woman. The protocol is important to me, it is more just one of my interests. No matter if I am playing your boss, teacher, or judge and jury. I’ll use whatever is necessary to put you in your place. Over-the-knee spankings and judicial canings are my favorites.

However, I’m not afraid you give you a verbal dressing down or use learning tools on your hands, feet, or other sensitive areas.

I am not into brats. A little squirming is fun but if you want to be tied down, tell me that. I don’t like surprises. 

The feeling of giving a good, hard spanking is high I can’t help but chase. Anyone can get in on this action by booking a “Strictly Spanking” session for when you just need to get your fix and want me to get mine too.

4. CBT
I’m a sadist. How could I not love any chance to torment your most sensitive parts? If your interests match mine, we need to explore this form of torment.

CBT just makes me happy. Bondage, sounds, needles, electro. I love it all. Everything from lightly dragging my nails along your dick to making you stroke with uncooked rice.

5. Tease and Denial
Teasing and denying might be the most sadistic thing I can do to you. The mindfuck of giving you a taste of what you want most and then taking it away is so hot. It’s about using what you desire against you.

Don’t think this is limited to your sexual desires. Sometimes it’s my attention or the level of pain I dish out. Imagine wanting nothing more than a sharp. painful strike of the cane and only receiving a light tap, then turning to see the smile come across my face. 

Don’t worry, it’s not all denial. I need you to remember what you are missing out on so it hurts more when I deny you of it. That’s the most fun for me.


All scenes have their varying degrees so don’t be afraid to try something new or let me know how far you are interested in going.

Consent is very important, especially when it’s consensual non-consent. I always say that if it’s not listed as a hard limit, consider it on the table. So be thorough and let me know what feelings and experiences you aren’t interested in feeling.

Hard Limits

This list is not about kink-shaming.

These are kinks that just don’t interest me.

First of all, I do not switch or bottom in any way. I’m not submissive, I’m not a masochist and I do not like being bound or told what to do. There is not a submissive bone in my body.

If you like the idea of a “switch” session, I am happy to book a double session with a submissive female. I can dominate you and we can top her. Contact me for more info.

A good match is important in any kink relationship. I want both of us to play with people who share our interests. If these are types of play you can’t live without, I’d suggest finding a Mistress who does enjoy your interests. You will both have a much better session.

1. ABDL/Mommy Domme/Age Play
Yes, I have some videos on this subject. No, I do not play in that area any more.

Many have looked to me to be their Mommy, so I explored it. I found after some time that it just wasn’t what brought me joy. I enjoy the taboo power dynamic, but I am much more of a Father Figure; age play of any kind isn’t for me.

2. Feminization Humiliation/Sissy Play
Gender play can be fun, but I have no interest in humiliating you for exploring other gender expressions, especially if that is my gender expression. If I guide you to a feminine gender expression, I am doing it to make you better.

Again, I have explored this in videos in the past. I tried it out and tried to find a way to make it my own but if I have to find the narrowest of a niche for it to make me happy, it’s not worth offering professionally.

3. Tickling
I have no interest in tickling (giving or receiving) and I have no experience in this area either. If you want a tickling session I would not be able to give you the session you seek. There are plenty of others who understand the psychology and technique that would be a much better fit.

4. Farting/Burping
I experimented with this when I first started doing video but I found it to be far too hard on my body.

5. Wrestling
I get this request a lot and it is just not an option. I am happy to put you in some thigh holds during a different type of scene but I do not do any wrestling. Not even non-competitive.

If we are not a good fit, I will let you know. There may be other kinks or scenes I lack interest in; these are just my most definitive hard limits.

If you’re scared or have concerns about our mutual interests, I’m also available for consultations and on NiteFlirt and SextPanther to discuss the scene concept.

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