Quick Trip to Houston 3/14-16!

Houston 3/14-16

Yes, this is extremely short notice. Does that mean you can’t still see me in Houston? Not at all. I will be in Houston from Thursday (3/14) until Saturday (3/16). My availability is very limited. I will do whatever I can to squeeze you in.

I’m not in Texas often these days. When I am, it’s generally short notice to you because I’m coming to town for a Fly Me To You session. These always mean that someone has done the work to hold a good portion of my availability.

I’m arriving on Thursday afternoon and leaving on Saturday afternoon. I obviously already have time blocked off for the good sub bringing me to Houston. You have a few short days to book your time with me.

As much as I would love to, I can’t be convinced to extend my stay. I have to be back in NYC for sessions on Sunday morning before a family dinner. Want more time with me? Bring me back!

If you pay attention, Houston’s a regular stop for me. However, it’s not a stop I often have time to advertise. If you love to book last minute, this works in your favor.

I’m playing Downtown and taking sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I will do my best to fit you in. Send the request, and I’ll let you know.

Lots of ways to play in Houston

If we don’t have time for a session, this is a great opportunity to take me for an outing. There are many restaurants in Houston I haven’t been to yet, and plenty of museums I haven’t checked out yet. Take me to one of these places!

I’ll be bringing lots of equipment for torment and bondage to make sure you’re completely under my control as if my voice isn’t enough. 😉

If you want to see me, you need to visit my contact page to send a request. I will be answering emails as often as possible.

As I often do on tour, I will be accepting 30 and 60-minute Strictly Spanking, Just Busted, and Solely Worship sessions. If you can’t afford or don’t have the time for a full session, these are the perfect ways to scratch that itch for a spanking, ballbusting, or foot session.

Recently, I’ve been training for an ultramarathon. If you want to buy my sweaty socks or worn-out sneakers, you need to let me know before Thursday so I can make sure to pack them for you. If there are other items you want, I can bring those as well. Just Ask!

Now that we have covered the important details, let’s talk about the fun I will be having. I’ve been to Houston a number of times. I have my go-to destinations, some meals planned and a few shopping spots love.

I’m looking to explore some things I haven’t seen before. I have a choice to make if I’m going to take Friday morning to explore a few museums or do a training walk in one of the larger parks. Which do you think I will enjoy more?

No matter what, I will be enjoying the warmer weather. It will be 82 degrees when I arrive and I can’t wait! My sundresses are all ready to come out of winter storage or this. I’ll be sure to get some pics to tease you with.

Speaking of pics, I’ll be making lots of content in my free time. If you have a custom you have been wanting, order it before Thursday so I can pack the right outfit!

Come on out and see me... or bring me back.

On this trip, I’m excited to see some familiar faces and some new ones as well. Get those session and custom requests in ASAP on my contact page or you’ll miss your chance.

If this trip doesn’t fit with your schedule, you can always book your own FMTY and bring me back when it’s convenient for you. You already know how much I love a Fly Me To You scene. Why not do something that will make us both happy?

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