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With life somewhat back to normal (for now), I am excited to bring back one of my favorite ways to play, an outing and a session. The go-to “dinner and a session” is always great but not the only way to take me out.

My social time is a separate, lower rate than sessions. I don’t like to worry about a clock when I am enjoying myself, so I don’t charge per hour for this. For just a little extra tribute, you can show me the world.

Shopping, lunch, drinks, an excursion, I love to combine all of these experiences with play. It helps deepen our connection and build chemistry, Not to mention the subtle behaviors of submitting to me in public with no one else knowing.

Outings help us relax and build chemistry.

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An outing before a session is a great way to build suspense. Imagine sitting across a table from me as I tell you all my devious ideas for you. Alternatively, making you feel exposed and vulnerable by having you tell me all the naughty things you hope will happen to you after.

Of course, it is also a great way to make you feel more at ease. I find it to be very effective to meet me out of session when trying to calm nerves. While I am a sadist, I am also a safe and responsible person.

Join me for a drink to see me as a courteous and level-headed person. Then I’ll take you back to the dungeon and destroy you for fun. I assure you, this is very comforting.

Meals and drinks are great, but I have a wide variety of interests (in and out of the dungeon). Let’s explore them together. Many a lucky slave has had the honor of taking me to a concert or museum. It’s fun for both of us and a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better.

If the idea of crowds or being indoors with strangers still gives you pause,  many art exhibitions are outdoors right now. The beach is also a favorite of mine. As you probably know from my Twitter and AVN stars. 😉

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Don’t think we can only do these before a session. After sessions, I am almost always ravenous. I generally go immediately for food when I leave the studio. Let’s do a session and then dinner.

An outing after a session makes for marvelous aftercare, especially when things were physically intense. There is no rush to come down. I can make sure you get the nutrients and fluids you need to recover.

You get to take your time coming down while seeing me smile about your restaurant choice. It’s another way to extend the pleasure of what we just took part in at the dungeon.

It’s like how vanilla people cuddle after sex. I’m not a cuddler, so a steak or vodka will do just fine for me.

During an extended session, an outing is a norm. Taking breaks for food or fresh air help keep you going. They can even be part of the play. Getting you all trussed up and then hiding it under your clothes while I lead you around, out in the world.

These outings don’t need to coincide with a session either. If you wish to get to know me before deciding to book a session, and a consultation booking won’t be enough, take me to dinner or a movie in the park.

Perhaps the outing is all you want. Some mild humiliation in a public place can be very hot all on its own. Not to mention just the opportunity in and of itself is very enticing.

Take me shopping and carry all the bags, help me try on shoes, Apply my lotion on the sand, massage my feet in the hot tub at the spa. These are all wonderful ways to play in a non-dungeon setting. I’m open to hearing your ideas too.

Is there a place or experience you have always dreamed of trying with the company of a mistress? Tell me about it. I love a new adventure, the more creative, the better.

I’ve had some lovely play dates with subs going out shopping, exploring a new park (I’m a New Yorker, I love to walk), even at a gun range.  A special slut and I are always talking about walking the entire perimeter of Manhattan so he can lick my sweat off after.

That could be you. Why not take me to a spin class and worship my smelly, sweaty feet after? You know you want to. There’s no shame in being there when the scent is created. I find it to be kind of hot.

What kind of outing would you choose?

Where would you take me for an outing? A special event, somewhere more intimate, shopping, dinner? The sky’s the limit. Show me just how you wish you could treat me every day if you had the chance.

I am sure you have fantasized about it before, how it would feel to be in public with me. I want to hear about it. Call me on NiteFlirt and tell me every dirty detail.

Think of it as a sample size ownership opportunity. Maybe a few hours in a museum is the closest you can come to living as a collared slave. Maybe you want to show me that you are collared slave material.

I’m adventurous and have no food restrictions; art galleries get me excited, Michelin stars make me wet. Let’s have some fun! Then let’s have some more fun in private. Make a day or evening of it. Fly me to you and we can make a whole weekend of it.

I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to extend the fun and our time together. I consider this to be one of the simple things in life that can bring unknown levels of pleasure.

I have been partaking in this kind of play for years, and I have to admit that dinner and a session is one of my favorite ways to play. Send me an inquiry and let’s plan something! Be sure to tell me your favorite park, museum, or restaurant!

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