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On April 5th, 2009, I worked my first shift as a Professional Dominatrix. Now I’m celebrating my 15th anniversary. It fills me with joy, amazement, and pride, reflecting on the first fifteen years of my career. It’s an honor to make it this far.

Whether you’ve been following me since the beginning or just discovered me, I’m happy to have your adoration on this anniversary. If you missed the first fifteen years, I’ll give you an overview below.

You can show your love and appreciation for me through the various methods on my tribute page. You can also ensure you get a session with me before my next anniversary by sending a request through my contact form.

I never expected to see this anniversary

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I hadn’t planned to make this my career. It was just a job that I was curious to try. I never could have imagined I’d be celebrating this anniversary.

As a snarky teen, I joked about wanting to grow up to be a dominatrix. I even dressed up as a Domme for Halloween in the mid-2000s. I had no idea it was a viable job option.

When I was 24, I had recently lost my job. My roommate’s girlfriend was a dominatrix. She recommended I give it a try. I was so nervous; I had no idea what to say in a scene, and I didn’t own any fetish gear. I thought, “I couldn’t do that.”

One night, when I was looking at CraigsList, I found an ad that offered training and clothes to borrow. Since these were my only holdbacks, this was my sign to do it. So, I applied.

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It was almost over before my first anniversary

I can best describe my first day at the Dungeon of Mistress Jasmine (now known as Donatella Den) as Alice falling down the rabbit hole. It was as though the world I knew turned upside down and somehow still made perfect sense.

It was as though my whole life, I thought the sky was purple, and for the first time, I saw it in its beautiful blue glory.

It hooked me immediately. I worked at least five days a week, most of those double shifts. I even slept in the dungeon at times. I wasn’t a fan of the house structure, but spending my days immersed in Kink felt incredible.

Being surrounded by strong, beautiful women made me feel so powerful. I learned the basic ins and outs of a variety of kinks. I got to explore and figure out what I enjoyed most. I felt like I had opened a whole new side of myself.

My time there was tumultuous, at best. I didn’t take well to being controlled by a strict authority figure. The owner and I clashed constantly. After just ten months, I got fired.

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In what might have been one of his greatest mistakes, the owner suggested I ask a former coworker how she was doing at another dungeon. I’d heard other houses were abusive and that being indie was a recipe for disaster. A recommendation from someone I knew was what I needed.

Without that suggestion, I thought my Domme career was over. Convinced there was no safe option of continuing this work, I would have to return to a vanilla life. My time as a Domme would end less than a year after it started.

I would’ve never celebrated a single anniversary if he got his way.

I took his advice, found that former coworker, and asked her how it was at Le Salon de Sade. A few days later, I was back to working all day and all night, but in a place where I finally felt free to grow as a Domme.

That place taught me how to be independent. LSDS was the stepping stone I needed to become who I am today. They taught me how to make ads, use online platforms, and even book appointments for myself.

They showed me that there’s a whole community of Dommes out there. That might have been their greatest mistake because that was how I found the Parthenon and met Ariana Chevalier.

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Finding freedom and a future

A few months shy of my second anniversary of being a Pro Domme, and once again, I got fired. This time, I deserved it. I was still sitting shift at LSDS, but I had been flirting with independence by taking sessions at the Parthenon.

For the next ten years, I had the privilege of joining the community of Dommes who sessioned at the Parthenon. I’m grateful for all the experiences I had in that space. Queen Ariana (whose 30th anniversary is this year) raised an entire generation of NYC Dommes; I’m so proud to have been a part of that.

Over those years, I started filming, began touring, and took every opportunity to grow and experiment. I was finally free from the constraints of houses.

Having the freedom to go wherever I wanted led me out to LA. I spent several years splitting my time between NY and LA, taking sessions mostly at Parthenon and the DOI LA. Traveling gave me such inspiration.

During my tenure at DOI, I learned multitudes from Tara Indiana. I lived out of the dungeon when I was there. I answered phones and helped train new dommes during that time as well. Those were some of the most intense years of my career.

I started taking long, multi-city tours. My most epic was eleven cities in 31 days. Month-long tours became a way of life right up until the pandemic. I traveled around the US many times and Europe twice.

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Since the pandemic, I’ve focused on being in NYC more and restricted almost all of my travel to Fly Me To You. Being home more gave me the time to get back to filming for my fan sites and clip stores. I’ve got content ready for the next year!

I’m beginning to travel more often again. I went to Poughkeepsie in January and Houston in March. Next, I’m going to Chicago (4/10-15) to visit Mistress Simone. In June, I’ll be back in Poughkeepsie.

Touring makes me feel like I’m back in my early days, sleeping at the dungeon, taking sessions 24/7. I love the immersive nature of it.

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To last 15 years and to the next 15 years

Fifteen years ago, I followed the “rules” of being a “true dominant.” Ten years ago, I was exploring different archetypes of being Dominant. Seven years ago, I was finding myself as a Dominant.

It’s been a wild journey, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. All the dungeons I’ve played in, the mentors I have met, and the subs I’ve played with have shaped who I am today.

All these years later, I still go on tour to micro dose that feeling of being in a new space, with new people, fully immersed in the dungeon life. I love this life. I’m honored to live it.

I hope to enjoy the next fifteen years as much as I have enjoyed the first fifteen. I look forward to having your support when my 30th anniversary comes around. Thank you for being a part of the journey so far!

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