To book me for a session, consultation, FMTY, social outing, or class you may send an email below.

If this is your first time seeing me please take the time to read my post “Preparing for your First session“. It can help you understand the booking process and some of how your experience may go.

I also recommend the “Complete Newbies Guide” by Ms. Maya Midnight.

While it is extremely rare that I can even accommodate a same-day session, I require a minimum notice of 3hrs for any same-day booking. Appts after 8 pm require 6hrs notice. There is an additional tribute for same-day bookings, after 8pm, an even higher tribute. 

It is best to book at least 24-72hrs in advance. 5-7 days advance notice is preferred. Especially when booking for extended, late night or early morning sessions.

Deposits are required for all bookings. No exceptions. The time is not held until I have received the deposit. You can find more info on how deposits may be sent on my tribute page. 

Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel at least 36hrs prior to the session, you will be allowed 24hrs to book a new session to occur within 7 days of the original session.

If you miss any step in the confirmation process, you forfeit the deposit and the appointment time. You must start the booking process over.

If you use the phone number given to you to confirm for any other reason than to call at the time you are told, I will block the number. This will result in you forfeiting the deposit as well as the appointment and any future appts.

All emails must include:
-Your name
-A contact email
-A day or date range for when you want to see me
-Preferred session length range
-3 scene interests
-3 hard limits for the scene
-In what city you are looking to serve
-If NYC, do you have a preference of Manhattan or Brooklyn? Or a domestic/non-dungeon setting. I will consider these preferences, but make no guarantees.

If any of these are missing, I become skeptical of your interest. Lessening the odds that I will respond.

It’s important to me that we are a good match. Skipping right ahead to contacting me might be exciting, but I assure you, I can tell when someone has not thoroughly read my site. If you fail to show respect for the protocols put forth here, you have again lessened the odds of getting a response.

Do understand that it takes time to build a relationship and fully explore fetishes and kink interests. A minimum of 90min to 2hrs is recommended for all meetings. A 90min minimum is highly preferred for all first meetings. This allows ample time to get to know each other, but doesn’t leave too long if the chemistry isn’t right.

The exceptions to this are my specialty “Strictly Spanking”, “Solely Worship” and “Just Busted” sessions. These are shorter and have a lower rate. You can read more about them here.

I firmly believe in build-up and anticipation. Instant gratification or starting at 9 out of 10 does not leave room for growth. It takes time for the mind to become a part of the play.

For phone sessions call my NiteFlirtIWantPhone or 
SextPanther lines.

For texting or video/picture/voice message exchange you may contact me via SextPanther.

For webcam sessions, you may call me on SextPanther or LoyalFans when I’m on. To use another platform, use my contact form below to schedule. A 30 min minimum notice is required, but 24 hrs notice is preferred.

If you are interested in ordering custom videos, photos or audio you may us the contact from below or visit my video page for more info.

These are all of my preferred methods of contact. I never respond to DMs on social media. If you’re speaking to someone on social media that says they are me, it is a lie. DO NOT schedule or deposit through them. I only accept deposits and schedule appts through my contact form and MsElenaDeLuca@protonmail.ch.

Block them and report their account immediately.

Visit my blog to learn about common scams and how to avoid being catfished.

If you don’t get a response, check your spam folder.

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