How the Content Rules Keep Changing

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I’m sure you’re already aware at this point of the new rules set out by Mastercard. It’s another level of the SESTA/FOSTA fallout. For those who aren’t fully aware, sit down; let’s have a chat.

As always, porn is under attack on the internet. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but it is evolving. To keep creating and posting the scenes I love, I have to find new ways to get them to you.

Sometimes this means changing the title or the trailer; other times it will mean editing it or removing it altogether from my stores. That content will only be available as a custom or direct order.

Some scenes, corporal punishment, mommy, and piss play, I’ve already had to find more creative ways to post. Some stores allow the content but not under the correct/usual terms. Others don’t allow it at all. Some platforms are disappearing altogether.

These rule changes mean some of my content is available in fewer places. It’s still out there; you just need to remember to check my Video or Links pages for all of the places to find my work.

Currently, my Clips4Sale store is the best place to find most of my scenes. That might be changing. As the rules are changing, I may need to remove more. If you see something you like, buy it. Videos are removed without warning all the time.

The rules change, but the game stays the same.

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You may have noticed my IWantClips Store is currently empty. I am trying to repost my videos, but there is a waiting period now for manual reviewing. The videos will be back; as many as I can get reposted, at least.

If you missed out on a video, I can send it to you. You need to order it directly from me now. You can use my contact form or DM me on LoyalFans or JustFor.Fans to discuss. I loved making these movies; I want to see them get enjoyed.

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The crackdown on porn does tend to mean removing harsher BDSM themes mostly. I recently had a video removed from C4S because the bottom is crying during the scene. Crying now counts as “removal of consent.” This idea extends to any time a sub or bottom says “no” or seems in distress.

Most of my videos have a basis on the idea of the sub taking punishment and lamenting it. These rules are likely to remove some of your favorite clips. Don’t delay in building your collection.

I will, of course, keep you apprised of changes whenever possible. Some happen rather quickly or without notice, but I will try. I’ll continue to post as much as I am allowed; until they stop me.

They can change all the rules they want. I'm not going anywhere.

These rules have not been set in place by choice. They come from puritanical laws and fears from credit card processors. The content platforms are given next to no choice; if they don’t comply, they can’t process the payments.

We already saw this happen to backpage (RIP), pornhub, and now, AVN Stars. I can just as easily happen to any of your favorite platforms. That’s why we adapt and fight as much as we can.

Let us not lose hope. Sex Work is called “the oldest profession” for a reason. It is sustainable, no matter how the world and the rules change around it. We will always find a way. Just keep following along, and I will keep you up-to-date on all the best ways to get your hands on all my best work.

If you aren’t already on my mailing list, this is another reason to join. Lawmakers and credit card processors will keep taking away platforms and censoring what we can say on those platforms. They can’t take away my list of emails.

When I inevitably lose another platform (RIP my Elena Instagram. Long live @BlackStilettoArmy), I will always be able to reach you through my newsletter. I can tell you where that content has moved to and how to find me.

AVN Stars will be demonetizing as of January 1st, 2022. I will keep the platform as an adult-friendly Twitter. No, Twitter is not adult-friendly. I am shadowbanned to all hell and have my posts censored or removed for breaking the rules all the time. Adult accounts are constantly being removed. It can happen to me at any time.

Anyway, they can censor me all they want, but I won’t stop creating the porn I have dreamed of all these years. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Thanks for sticking with me on this journey.

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