Online Classes

I have been teaching in-person classes since 2012, but began teaching online classes at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

I enjoyed being able to reach new audiences through online classes without the restrictions of a set geographical location. That's why I decided to make the recordings available for download.

These are the live recordings of all my online classes, only edited to remove technical difficulties. Some are only for professional sex workers; others are for everyone. They are marked accordingly. Please read the descriptions.

Classes are not like sessions; all the sexy has been removed, so don’t waste the money to jerk off to them. I have plenty of videos available for that.

I hope you find these online classes helpful in expanding your knowledge in BDSM and/or sex work.


I have reimagined some of my in-person classes for the realm of online classes. Some I’ve been teaching for years, updating along the way. Others are brand new.

A few of these classes were brought to the online world as fundraisers to help some of my favorite spaces through the pandemic. The fundraisers are over but I hope you will think about donating to a need close to you when you hear me talk about it.

These online classes are open to all adults. Kinky, vanilla, pro, lifestyle, all gender identities, sexualities and experience levels.

Online Classes - Role Play and Verbal Domination

A lot of us are taking advantage of the many forms of distance play these days. What a better time to work on our kinky linguistic skills and build our imaginations!

Let me help guide you in exploring all the sexy scenarios you can dream of. I even tailored this class to the needs of distance training to help you create scenes in person and online.

This class covers how to create a scene with any budget or experience level, the psychology of common themes, why and how to bring role play into your other activities, negotiation for taboo scenarios, how to find your partner’s buzzwords, and how to recover when you’ve hit a “landmine”.

Online Classes - Humiliation: Making Fun and Making it Sexy

This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about humiliation and degradation play. I do discuss some taboo topics so please be prepared.

Some of the things we will cover in this class include “What is humiliation/degradation?”, why we want to humiliate or be humiliated, how to talk to your partner(s) about humiliation desires, degrading with affection, taboo scenes, and humiliation as edge play.

The class finished with a Q&A where I took questions from the live audience.

Online Classes - Taboo Role Play

This is the live recording from the “Taboo Role Play” class on 9/12/2020. Please excuse some of the bumps in the beginning. My internet was not cooperating so I cut out the dead spots.

There are a lot of questions about taboo fantasies but with nowhere safe to ask them, we have too few answers. I wanted to teach this class to create a safe space to get these answers.

There is no shame in taboo play. I believe any fantasy can be played in a safe, sane, and consensual way. Even the topics that we aren’t allowed to talk about, even the ones that go beyond morality.

This class covers the “why” and “how” of our darkest, most taboo desires, how to prepare for taboo scenes, aftercare for psychological play (for tops and bottoms), and a Q&A with the live audience where no topics were off-limits.

This class handles a lot of very sensitive subject matter and may be triggering for some.

Pros Only

My online classes are for those new to the industry and veterans alike. When the world went into lockdown, many of us found ourselves without a means to accept in-person meetings. Going fully online was suddenly necessary.

Whether you’re going online out of necessity or just looking to diversify, my online classes will get you started. I’ll help you make content when you don’t have space or funds for a full filming set-up, and help cope with the trials of making such a change.

There are a plethora of online venues to keep us in business and paying the bills, it can be confusing and overwhelming. So many sign-ups, so much to promote.

How do you keep track of it all? Get the word to your in-person clients? Translate your face-to-face connection to distance training?

Having been in this business for over a decade; and having knee problems that sometimes take me out of real-time sessions, I always had to base my business on diversification. I’ve been accepting phone and online sessions since 2010.

Distance and Online Domination have been roughly 50% of my business since I went independent.

** If you are struggling and feel my classes can help you, please contact me for a free copy. I never want a paywall to keep another SW from getting what they need.

Touring Class flier

I have toured as a Pro Domme for over a decade. This includes short trips, long stays, multi-city tours and Fly Me To You sessions. I have gone it alone and with friends. International and Domestic. I love traveling for work and I have learned a lot doing it over the years.

I created this class to help anyone who wants to travel for work but may have some reservations about how to best go about it. The idea of booking a tour and not making any money can be a major holdback. I can help you prevent that from happening.

In this class I will cover:

  • How to choose where & when to tour
  • Marketing plans
  • FMTYs
  • What to do when a tour fails
  • Safety
  • Logistics of getting to and being in new city
  • Where to stay
  • Where to spend and where to save money
  • All the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way

I will not be covering legalities because they vary too much by municipality. Also, that would take an entire class on it’s own and I am not qualified to teach that. Always speak to a lawyer for legal advice.

This class will take place via CrowdCast. The day after class the recording will be available for download from gumroad. All ticket holders will be given a 100% off discount code for the download.

Class is open to SWs of all genders and orientation. You will not be on camera so feel free to be as comfortable as you like for the class.

If payment is a barrier, please send an email to so I can give you a free ticket. I always reserve at least 10 need-based tickets.

If you are not a SW, you are not welcome in this class. This is for professionals only.

The class will be held at 7pm EDT on Thursday 3/31. If you cannot attend live but have a question you would like answered, you can email me prior to the class or after watching the recording.

Online Classes - IRL to Online Domination

In this class, I talk about why one platform over another platform my be right for you. I’ll advise on how you can juggle all your new sites, help you choose what will best suit your immediate and long-term goals, and work on finding your distance domination style.

The goal is to get you online and making money now while setting you up for long-term success.

Online Classes - Online Domination 2 photo

Making content for the internet can be confusing or intimidating. Whether you are brand new to content creation or find yourself without access to your usual set-up, this class is for you.

I believe diversification is key to making sure your business can withstand any changes that come at you. Selling photo sets, clips, or fan club memberships on several different sites can be extra income, passive money, or a life raft in tough times.

In this online class, I cover: the different clip platforms and some of their features, taking custom clip orders, creating content w/ little to no budget, and tips & tricks for selling your content online. I’ll also help you get started in making and marketing content.

Online Classes - What Could Go Wrong?: Online Domination 3

Is running an all or mostly online business leaving you feeling frustrated or burnt out? Is it tiring or just not working for you? Then the 3rd installment of my “Online Domination” class series is what you need.

This class is a little different than the others as it is half class and half Q&A.

In the first hour, I talk about coping with and avoiding burn out from online sex work, dealing with fatigue from being chained to a computer all day, finding a profitable work-life balance, and building an online following

The 2nd, and into the 3rd, hour was a Q&A. I listen to the personal issues attendees have with making money online. I also troubleshoot how to make their transitions more enjoyable and profitable. A Lot of questions were taken, we dove deep into this one.

I believe that having an online presence is not only a necessity but can be a great way of earning an extra or passive income no matter what state the world is in.