New Videos in all my Clip Stores 9/1!

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My clip stores have never gone anywhere, but the new clips did. I stopped posting new content some time ago. As the rules tightened on what I could post and what I needed to be able to post, I felt pushed out of the filming scene.

The content I was making became labeled as too extreme. It felt futile to edit these scenes, let alone figure out which sites could accept them. It was disheartening and made me question the purpose.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to film with some incredibly talented Mistresses. Being in front of the camera again reminded me how much I love filming.

My renewed enjoyment of the craft has brought me to a decision. I’ll be relaunching all of my clip stores with brand new content starting September 1st! I’m only filming and editing POV content for now, but it will be available on all my clip stores.


So many clip stores, so many ways to indulge.

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No matter where you prefer to buy your clips, you can find my content. I’m starting with POV content because I’ve always been able to post those freely on ManyVids, IWantClips, and NiteFlirt. These sites always had the strictest rules.

Of course, I wouldn’t neglect the oldest and favorite of my clip stores, Clips4Sale. I’m posting all new POV content on Elena De Luca Fetish and POV first. Want to get a scene a few hours before the other sites? You can find it there.

As part of this clip store relaunch, a few new sites are also getting full clips. I will be posting clips on LoyalFans, Justor.Fans and OnlyFans. If I’m feeling generous, I might do some early releases via DM for my fan club followers.

The best part of all this? I’m accepting custom POV requests! You can order easily via the form on my IWantCustomClips page. You can also email me directly, preferably through my contact form. I love making custom videos. Tell me your fantasy, and let’s make it come true!

If ordering a custom isn’t your thing, I’m sure you’ll have no issue finding what you like in my clips store catalog. I have been filming since 2011. I’ve experimented in a lot of areas during my tenure. Lucky for you, my kinks are on a spectrum.

I especially love making content where I can tease you with the things I love most. As you already know from my list of interests, Foot Fetish, Discipline, and Humiliation will be featured often in my clips.

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I’m not ruling out content with subs. I just won’t be shooting those scenes for the moment – perhaps in the new year. Until then, please refrain from offering yourself as a film slave.

I will ask for applications when I am ready. Before applying, be sure to read my film sub requirements. When I want service on set, my protocols will go into effect.

I have a bit of a content stockpile I’ll finally release. I’ve been keeping some hot scenes from you. I hope you’re ready for me to open the vault.

You might see some sets and outfits you haven’t seen in years. Thankfully, I’m still the hot and evil mistress I always was. Some things don’t change.

How and when to get my new content.

The first scene will drop at 9 a.m. ET on my original Clips4Sale store. It will drop at 1 p.m. ET on my other stores. New content will be live on my clip stores every day for September – one scene per day.

You can see trailers for each upcoming video the day before on my fan clubs. Extended trailers will be in your DMs for those who need more of a tease.

If you can’t wait, I’m happy to DM full scenes before they go on sale. I know you have no self-control. I love any opportunity to make you desperate for me and watch you give in.

Summer might be ending, but the fall is about to heat up. It’ll be worth the wait when you are simping and bingeing for me. I wish you good luck controlling yourself until then!

Now, prepare yourself by loading up on all the videos in my clips stores. The rules keep changing, and they might keep disappearing. Get them before they are gone!

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