*I'm not currently booking shoots that require slaves to serve on set.*

When I am, I will require slaves for various roles, on and off camera.

All applications received in the meantime will be kept on file. I will only contact you when I am booking a shoot where you are the right fit.

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On Camera

To serve as a film slave for my clips, I will need you to be versatile and reliable. I am very picky about my film subs, and I take protocol very seriously. If I feel you have not thoroughly read and understood the rules for applying, you will not be considered.

Let me begin by saying that you absolutely must have experience. I will not be accepting anyone who has not explored their kink and fetish interests. References are a necessity. I will consider session references if you have never filmed, but filming experience is preferred. 

Filming is NOTHING like a session. This is an opportunity to be of use and maybe get a little play. This is not an opportunity to get your fantasies fulfilled. Activities for clips are much harsher than in sessions. Keep that in mind if you like a slow pace, can’t have marks, or can only handle small/light toys. 

If you have served me on film before please use the same email thread from previous planning to make the verification process easier. You will have priority.

If you have never served me on film, I will require a tribute for your first shoot. If you are reliable and do well, you will be considered for future filming that will not require a tribute.

For legal reasons, you must be able to sign releases with your legal name and have your ID and face photographed. You must have your IDs with you on set. ID photos will be taken and forms signed before any filming begins. Your IDs must be valid, government-issued, and not past the expiration.  

These records will not be made public, but they will be uploaded to the backend of various sites as proof that all participants are consenting adults. This allows me to legally use the footage in which you appear.

To apply you will need to send an email that includes:

  • A recent, full-length, non-nude photo (Anyone who sends a penis photo will not be considered)
  • References
  • Scene interests
  • Hard limits
  • Whether or not you will require a hood
  • Your general availability (i.e. weekends, evenings, certain days of the week)

If any of these things are missing, you will not be considered for filming.

Follow these instructions, and if you meet the criteria, you will do just fine.

Off Camera

As well as film slaves, I will be looking for production slaves to serve on set. If you can’t appear on film, aren’t useful to my filming needs, or are a film slave who can be of more use, you may apply for a production position.

I am looking for reliable and skilled subs to hold the camera for my scenes. This requires that you take direction well (I have specific requirements for each scene), are steady-handed, have a good eye, and are physically capable of moving to wherever necessary to get the right shot. There will be some training and testing for this.

I am also looking for production assistant slaves. These positions will be to assist with anything necessary on set. Including, but not limited to, moving lights, taking BTS footage, handling props, possibly some camera work, etc.

I am preferably looking for subs who can do more than one of these positions; your versatility makes scheduling much easier for me.

If you have never served me on set before, there will be a small tribute for this privilege. Non-filmed roles will include very minimal to no play at all. Having an interest in humiliation is best here.

To apply, send an email with the following:

  • Your experience
  • References (if you have them)
  • Special skills
  • General availability (i.e. weekends, evenings, certain days of the week)

If you are applying to be a film slave and are available for on-set service, include that when you apply for the privilege to serve on set.

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