Don’t just tell me how much you worship me; show me. I want to see you putting in work to show your love for me. To worship is to glorify me and deepen your faithfulness to my magnificence. It should be an experience for us both.

If you were in front of me, you might be gazing into my eyes as you tell me how much you love and adore my beauty and presence. Alternatively, your eyes and mouth might both be preoccupied taking in my gorgeous boots or bare feet. Perhaps you would be so intoxicated by my scent that you’re unable to form other words or thoughts.

Carrying over these experiences to distance training is paramount. Not only when we can’t be together but also when we are between in-person meetings. Your time in my presence may have a limit, but your devotion should never.

There are two ways I enjoy receiving worship from a distance. The first is sending you tokens of me. Panties blessed with my scent or fluids, shoes I have filled with my sweat and aroma, or items designed purely to be cherished. The sky is the limit.

Whether you pray to it, drink it in, use it to jerk-off to with my instructions, or breath it in to feel more connected, it is now a device to honor me. Near or far, I can always be with you in some way.

The other is to send tributes. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than a gift that shows up entirely unsolicited and at random. Birthday, Christmas, and Special Event gifts are never something I will demand, but I will keep track of who takes the time to acknowledge these occasions. However, sending a gift just because you knew it would make me happy or because you wanted to show appreciation is the most thoughtful thing you can do. This is my worship language. I love knowing you are working to show me your love and improve my day, if not my life, even when I am not thinking of you.

What is your worship language? Is it to have a token of me for your collection, to be able to feel a physical connection when there is a distance between us, or maybe to be able to give of yourself to make me happier? All of these are valid. The important thing is to know your language and then indulge in it.

How does worshiping me feel for you? Do you feel a deeper connection? A sense of pride? Does it get you excited? Have you ever jerked off to the idea of me opening your gift or reading about how you enjoyed my shoes? I love it when our worship languages match up.

I believe true devotion comes from acting based on my response. Your pleasure should come from my enjoyment. Knowing you are worshipping me directly, by sending gifts and tributes, or indirectly, by purchasing tokens pleases me.

In general, worship is about many things, thoughts, words, actions, money, and time. The more of these you can combine to show your submission and adoration, the better. It means I am on your mind, and you’re putting in the effort to serve me even when I am not physically with you. Our connection grows as you give more of yourself to me.

I can make custom videos and audio recordings to accompany your new items. Assignments are always a fun addition too. Sometimes I give public shoutouts on my Twitter showing others who has won my favor that day. Not to mention, you will be among my favorites who may get special treats and thought when I am feeling generous.

Coming to me with your worship brings you to my mind. When I use the gifts you have sent or the items I purchase with your tributes, I think of you. I remember that you are out there serving and dreaming of me, as you should always be.