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I wrote this as I was sitting on a plane heading to Houston, Texas for my first “Fly Me To You” session since the pandemic. It seemed like a great time to write a blog about FMTY sessions. Coincidentally, my last FMTY was with the same bottom in January of 2020, just before the world closed upon us.

Despite being given a sanitization wipe as I boarded and sitting there in a mask, it still felt good to be back to traveling for play. Knowing that between those flights I had two incredible nights of fun, with a boy I enjoy, made it all worth it.

I’ve been accepting Fly Me To You sessions since 2011. My first tour ever was a Fly Me To You.

A friend of mine was going to LA for Mistress Tara Indiana‘s Birthday party. An LA slave assumed I would be joining and contacted me to book a session. I told him I had not planned on it, but he could fly me there. He was ecstatic. It was the perfect way to take my first tour.

To say I fell in love with it would be an understatement. I became addicted. I love being a traveling domme. I travel so much that people often think I only visit NYC. The best part is, about half of all my travel is because of someone booking a Fly Me To You session.

If you see me coming to your city, it’s almost always because I’m visiting a friend, or someone flew me out there. I rarely pick a city just because; unless it’s a good point to hit between other cities.

Why book a Fly Me To You?

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Aside from the obvious reasons to book an FMTY session, the chances of us being in the same city at the same time otherwise are fairly low. Why would you want to deny yourself the opportunity to play with me?

I live in NYC;  I do not need to travel for play. I love to travel, but that still lowers the chance I’ll be in most cities or even states. Don’t sit back and hope, do something to make your dreams come true!

Imagine having me in your city and my entire schedule available to you. No worries that I may already be booked, or that I will be coming when you aren’t available. For once, a domme is doing something on your timetable. It’s practically a miracle.

You have been dreaming of it every time we talk on NiteFlirt or you watch one of my videos. Make it happen. Where do you think my FMTY subs come from? They discover me on clips4sale, text me on sextpanther and the craving to meet me gets too strong. 

What can you do with an FMTY?

The sky is the limit on the fun we can have together on an FMTY. You can book up every moment of my time, or you can see me for just the session you’ve been dreaming of and head back to your regular life with no one knowing.

A lot of times, we make an event of it. You can use this time to show me all the fun things your city has to offer. We can enjoy some of your favorite restaurants together.

That is honestly one of my favorite things about a Fly Me To You, all the outings. You know from my last blog just how much I love spending social time together.

For example, when I was in Houston, my bottom and I enjoyed dinners at his favorite restaurants, cocktails at his favorite spots, and two nights of fun play that only got better as our chemistry grew more.

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What does booking a Fly Me To You entail?

You already know I will do as many as 10-12 cities in a tour, 5-6 of those cities someone brought me there. That someone can always be you. I love an excuse to make an extra stop. I did say it’s an addiction.

Booking a Fly Me To You might seem pretty extravagant to some, but it’s actually not, especially if you book in advance.  I only require that you pay my travel costs and then I’m quite nice about the session rate. I even allow social time without a tribute.

Travel costs are not always a first-class plane ticket and a 5-star hotel. Sometimes it’s a train or bus ticket, and I happen to have a friend there who I would rather stay with than stay in a hotel. Booking in advance can save you on the cost of a plane, train or bus ticket.

I require a minimum 2-night stay in any city I visit because I don’t enjoy feeling rushed. I like knowing we have a full day to utilize when planning our play. The last thing either of us wants is to feel like we only have one evening and/or early morning to get in our fun.

Sometimes I stay longer than two nights, but that’s just bonus time that I’m available to play, not more nights for which you need to pay a tribute.

Expressing My FMTY Joy

Writing this from the plane was one of my best ideas ever. I don’t think a blog has ever flowed out onto the screen as quickly and easily as this one did. My excitement could barely be contained. This trip fed my touring addiction, and it energized me to look forward to a future with more tours.

Of course, I am posting this after my trip because my flight didn’t have wifi and Houston kept me very busy. However, you should know this was the joy I felt on my way there and that I had a fabulous time.

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