Now Accepting Brooklyn and Manhattan Sessions!

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After 12 years as a Pro Domme in NYC, I am finally accepting Brooklyn sessions. I will continue to accept Manhattan sessions, we just have more options now. Since my favorite studio, the Parthenon closed, I have branched out to more spaces.

I have recently begun taking sessions at several dungeons in Brooklyn. I always kept a variety of spaces in Manhattan to make sure the needs of the session were best met. Now I will be doing the same in a new borough.

Over the years, many have requested to see me in Brooklyn, and we were unable to meet because I wasn’t accessible to you. That has all changed now.

New Brooklyn Locations

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I have found many of those who serve me travel into the city via Penn or Grand Central stations. Only being available in Midtown, Manhattan worked well for us. Those who drive in often lamented the location.

I’m excited for this chance to meet more of you and expand not only my locations but the subs and slaves who have wished to meet me. Being in lockdown for so long gave me a new perspective. I’m ready for more.

A year without sessions will really make you want to play in every place and every way possible. This change also means more options for better sessions.

Each space I use has a unique set of equipment, feel, and style. Utilizing these Brooklyn studios will allow me to tailor our sessions even more to their specific needs.

When booking your appt, let me know if you prefer a Brooklyn or Manhattan session. If you don’t have a preference, I will choose the location based on the availability of the spaces and the needs of the session.

Also, let me know if your location preference is a necessity rather than a suggestion. That is an important factor if locations are booked at the time you need.

If you have been waiting and hoping for me to make the move to Brooklyn studios, tweet me and let me know how excited you are! I love hearing from you. Knowing what makes me happy is also making you happy feels great.

My goal is always to have fun. If you also have fun, then I consider our interactions a success.

All of my new spaces are very private. I still use some more commercial spaces in Manhattan, but you will mostly see me at completely private dungeons. These are great for noise and discretion. Not so great for suddenly summoning an audience for humiliation, so keep that in mind.

Two of the new spaces I am using are very well equipped with every just about every toy you can imagine, on display. This is great for use and fear play. I love setting the mood like this.

Some of the new studios in both Brooklyn and Manhattan have a more relaxed feel. Fewer dungeon vibes, more sexy studio vibes. The pandemic also took my purely domestic space, but I am working on another.

Until I have a truly domestic space (I won’t be making an announcement, you can just ask), some of my new studios are great for those who don’t like the dungeon vibe.

Expansion to Brooklyn Brings More Variety

Expanding, in general, and to Brooklyn has opened up so much more than just new play spaces. It has opened up a new pack of subs who can only meet in Brooklyn, new setups to play with, and lots of new experiences.

I hope you are as excited as I am and come to see me in all my new studios. You can thank me on Twitter for becoming both a Manhattan and a Brooklyn mistress.

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