Why a consultation booking may be good for you.

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I talk a lot about consultation bookings on my site. I feel it is a good idea to go more in-depth here. Let’s talk about what that is, who it is for, and how to book one for yourself.

A consultation is generally a short, vanilla booking to get to know each other. When in-person, these take place in public and take about the amount of time it takes to enjoy a tea or a drink. We can meet in a park, coffee shop or bar.

I also accept consultations via NiteFlirt and SextPanther and webcam. The conversation just needs to avoid the topic of actually booking as that can get us both banned from these platforms. However, they are great resources from getting to know me and getting a feel for my session style.

Adding the consultation to a regular session is also an option. When booking, let me know that you would like to add a 30-minute consult to the beginning of your session. Then the consultation can happen in the dungeon or a public place in these instances. Whichever makes you more comfortable.

I like to keep consultation bookings short and vanilla because I want to create a space where you can feel comfortable. Having a BDSM dynamic or kinky environment makes a lot of people nervous. I need you to be able to articulate your interests.

If this isn’t enough time for you, consider booking me for a social outing, like dinner or a  trip to a museum. 


Who should book a consultation?

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A consultation is great for anyone with concerns about our possible chemistry. It’s completely normal to feel unsure about how we might get along in person. Chemistry is a tricky thing. You never know until we meet.

I’ve found taking this time to relax and get to know each other helps create chemistry. It can also build anticipation and fear (the fun kind). These meetings sometimes have a foreplay-like effect, mentally. The more comfortable you become with the idea of playing, the more free your brain is to feel the excitement about it.

I’m happy to offer these time slots because I firmly believe the more you trust me, the further I can take you in session. Trust is such a critical part of BDSM. I am willing to take extra steps to help you trust me.

A lot of my videos appear to have a basis on consensual non-consent. I love this type of play, but that is not all I do. The conversation about consenting to the acts isn’t as sexy in a video as the actual acts. We can chat about the reality of my play, what you can actually expect to feel.

If you’re nervous or unsure about seeing me or seeing a dominatrix in general, a consultation is always a great way to go. It’s safe, non-committal, and gives you more info than a website or some videos might be able to.

How do you book a consultation?

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Booking a consultation is even easier than booking a session. Just send an email expressing your interest in a consult and give a time frame of when you would like for it to happen. We can chat about your interests and hard limits in the consult, no need to be entirely sure of those going in.

If you feel ready to book but need or want some extra time to chat before the session, ask to add a consult before your session and specify if you would like to have it in the dungeon or public. In either case, it will be a vanilla experience; no dynamic, street clothes, just a casual conversation.

Consults are only $100 and must be paid in full at the time of booking. You can send it just like a deposit or along with the session deposit. I like to keep things simple where we can.

Choose what is right for you.

There is never any pressure to book a session after a consultation. That is entirely up to you. When/if you are ready, I’m sure you will book.

I am confident my demeanor outside the session will only lure you in further. My charm can put even the most frightened at ease. You may even find yourself begging to book an actual session by the time we’re finished.

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