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Last year taught us a lot about what we are capable of doing and enjoying from a distance. Distance training is something I have always enjoyed. It makes me happy to know the length of my reach. Dominating men around the globe is a powerful experience.

For many, playing in person can never be replaced. However, finding ways to strengthen or continue our connection when we can’t physically be together can make the in-person play that much better. Imagine having phone calls or getting video messages in-between sessions to keep you under my control . I find it incredibly hot.

Maybe in-person play isn’t for you. There’s a multitude of reasons why you can’t or don’t want to play IRL. That doesn’t mean you can’t serve. I’ve been playing with distance training for a decade. Some have been serving from the beginning and we’ve never met. Sometimes the mystery is part of the play.

If you have no desire to serve in person but still have kinky fantasies you want to explore, distance training is perfect for you. It can be as simple as texts or as elaborate as purchasing my items to worship on webcam for me. The degree of involvement with distance training is entirely up to you.

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Distance Training thru NiteFlirt and SextPanther

I have been taking NiteFlirt calls since 2010. That’s the longest I’ve been on any platform. It was how I dipped my toe into the world of distance training all those years ago. I had already been playing in person and was at my 2nd dungeon when I discovered that I could be served by more than just those in NYC. It was quite exhilarating.

Since then, I have grown to experiment with every new platform and means to reach those previously unreachable subs. My current favorite is SextPanther. It’s a new-ish platform that makes it easy to text with anyone from anywhere.

Of course, SextPanther is not just texting. I can easily send photos, voice and, video messages. Like NiteFlirt, you can call me there. Unlike NiteFlirt, we can do video calls directly thru SextPanther. No need for Skype.

Imagine wishing you could get the feeling of serving me in person, but you can’t see me right now. Then, while we text, I send you a task in a voice message. You can listen to it as though I am whispering in your ear, thinking about how you might feel my breath on your neck.

A little imagination and my skills can easily turn an online encounter into a full-sensory experience. You just have to give it a chance. We don’t even need toys. I have a vivid imagination and a way with words. I will create a whole world you will never want to leave, just with a conversation.

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Another form of distance training is through assignments and scheduled conversations. These generally are done with a monthly tribute reflecting the level of interaction. This can mean daily webcams and assignments, weekly chats and check-in, keyholding, or monthly assignments.

Depending on your interests and chosen level of interaction you will hear from me via email, text, phone call, or webcam chat. I like to have my distance subs keep journals or email me daily with their progress or struggles so I can fine-tune what they need.

Just because we can’t be together in person does not mean you can’t be serving me daily. With distance training, you can be developing as a better submissive or masochist under my tutilage from afar.


A common misconception is that the only ways to serve from a distance are through direct conversations with me. That is not at all true. I have plenty of subs who serve by joining my fanclubs and worshipping the photos, videos, and assignments I post when they can do so.

You can even serve by purchasing my videos and following along with the instructions or assignments of the videos. I see when you buy it. I know what you are about to get yourself into. With each title, I smile to myself, knowing exactly what you are about to go through.

The possibilities are practically endless with new platforms being created all the time. Here on my website, you can research each of the many ways you can serve me from afar and choose what best works for you.

You don’t even have to choose just one. I have many for a reason. You can flow between different methods based on what best suits you at the time. Knowing you are serving through multiple means gives me the satisfaction of feeling control over you in a variety of ways.

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