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Before we get into this, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, go and do it now.

Okay, now that you have made the smart decision to join my mailing list, let’s talk about why that was so smart. There are several reasons aside from the joy of having me slip into your inbox every month.

First of all, when I slide into your inbox each month, I try to bring with me photos that are rarely seen, have never been seen, or are more risque than I can post on most social media these days.

Yes, this is one of the few ways to see my tits without a paywall. You’re welcome. That is just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Always be the first to know with my newsletter

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Photos are all fun and good, but another bonus of being on my mailing list and getting my newsletter is being the first to hear all my news. This goes for travel, covid protocols, returns from hiatus, and lots of other things.

Having that news first puts you at an advantage when it comes to my schedule. When you book first, my schedule is wide open. Trust me, it comes in handy.

I have booked out entire tour stops before going public, just from my mailing list. Don’t miss out because you weren’t signed up.

Being the first to get my news puts you ahead of the curve. You can prepare for any protocol changes, so you don’t miss out on a session while you get prepared.

It saves time for both of us when you only approach completely prepared to follow my rules.

The benefits go beyond booking and sexy photos. When you join my mailing list, I have a way to keep you informed if I lose other accounts. SESTA/FOSTA, and its fallout, has caused a lot of damage. Many of my colleagues and I have lost a lot of our online presence. Not to mention what will happen if the EARN IT act is passed.

I’ve had two Instagram accounts deleted, I’m shadowbanned on Twitter, my previous website hosts began deleting SWs. My social media and ads can disappear at any time. As I said in a previous blog, even clip platforms can disappear.

The powers that be can take all of that. However, they can’t take my spreadsheet of emails. I can plug that into any service and let you know where you can find me next.

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All that aside, joining my mailing list shows me your devotion. When I see you’ve signed up to get my newsletter, I know you’re committed to keeping up with what I have planned. You’re asking to know more, to know first. I am grateful for that.

Joining my mailing list lets me know you don’t want to lose me. That means something. I love talking to you on Twitter or in session about things you read in my recent newsletter.

Don't miss out by not getting my newsletter!

After a newsletter goes out, I will cover most of the topics on my blog. Here I go more in-depth on those topics. Not all the topics from my newsletter will be covered in my blog, though. Also, I can’t say how long it be before a longer blog comes out.

A newsletter covers all of the things going on in my life and career. That means I’ll generally mention 3-5 topics. Each blog will only cover one topic, and blogs come out twice a month, at most.

You are missing a lot if you aren’t on my mailing list. Do you really want to miss out? No! So go sign up now or congratulate yourself a little for already being on there.

I try to send out my newsletters in the first week of each month. I always announce on Twitter when it goes out. Check your spam folders if you don’t see them within a few hours.

If you sign up after I send it, you will have to wait until the next one and watch my blogs to see if I mention what you missed. Don’t be left wondering. Sign up now!

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