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I love being both an in-person and a clips domme. I get to experience so many different ways to interact with my subs, slaves, and bottoms. It is a privilege for which I am always grateful.

Doing both allows me to reach subs I might never have gotten to just from one side or the other. It also allows me to learn about the different ways people like to enjoy their kinks. Sometimes as the watcher and sometimes as the doer.

Of course, there is plenty of overlap, too, those who appreciate the experience as a voyeur and firsthand. All three types are available to me. Maybe it’s greedy, but I want to have as many as possible serving me; through whatever means they need.

All three are valid styles of play. I’ll never judge how anyone takes pleasure in their kinks. The thing that needs to be said is that clips are not the same as in-person sessions. Not in the slightest.

Shooting Clips Removes Variables

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In-person sessions are fully rounded scenes. From cold to warm to intense to come down. When you come to me, you walk in from your day; we discuss limits and concerns, and then, together, we build a scene from scratch.

I have to get you in the right headspace, prepare your body and bring you full circle. Sessions are always organic and unscripted. Sure, I show up to the studio with an outline or a plan, but that’s it.

Plans change or get thrown out altogether; outlines are loose ideas. If I could tell you at the beginning of the scene just how it would go, I would be an actress, not a Dominatrix.

Our scene has a lot of variables. I like to leave room for these changes so I can ensure we have the best session we can that day. The session might feel forced if I didn’t.

Variables in sessions include but are not limited to: my mood, your mood, what toys we have on hand, what furniture is available, our specific chemistry, your limits or needs on that day (physical, mental, or emotional), my limits or needs on that day.

Videos don’t have these variables. Video shoots eliminate the need to cater to these things; one thing isn’t right? That video gets shot another day.

For video shoots, I have a specific plan in place. I have backup plans in place too. On top of that, any possible variables are taken care of off-camera. Videos only show the best and heaviest parts of the play that occurred that day.

When a shoot begins, we start with paperwork, ID photos, and all sorts of other unsexy stuff. Then limits are re-discussed. If anyone has a limitation that day, we talk about it and how we can work around it. All parties are fully aware of everything that will happen that day.

Sure, ideas come up on set sometimes. When that happens, there’s more discussion and planning; to avoid surprises. I want the bottom to act like they have no idea what is coming, even though they are fully aware.

In a session, the element of surprise is a key component. I want to build up and play on your fears. I want you to experience it as I give it. I don’t want you thinking it through and preparing for it. There’s no fun or suspense in that.

Now, back to how filming days happen. With all the proper info covered, we start filming. I like to start with the activities easiest to take and work our way to the hardest. This goes especially for if I plan to shoot something that will leave a lot of bruising or break the skin.

Those scenes have to come last because they might get in the way of other scenes or wear out the bottoms too much. The benefit of this method is that the earlier scenes make a great warm-up.

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It’s often assumed these bottoms just get beaten all day long on clip set; no warm-up, no stopping, no safewords. None of that is true. The clips shot on any given day are usually released out of order and spread out to keep that illusion.

I change my outfit and the background area several times throughout a shoot to make clips look like they were filmed at different times. I have code words so bottoms can safeword in a way that lets me know I’m approaching their limit, but we don’t need to stop the camera.

This particular trick is why you may have heard me called “Goddess” in some of my heavier videos. I do not use the title of Goddess, so there’s no chance the bottom would be calling me that for any other reason. Notice that you never hear it in my lighter videos.

Many people watch videos before they start seeing a dominant in person. That’s a great way to learn what excites you about BDSM. One of my first questions, when I’m approached by a novice, is “What kind of videos have you watched?”.

Clips are great for ideas, but they will never be the same as your session. First, no two scenes should ever be the same. That shows the play wasn’t tailored to you. Secondly, the bottoms are often seasoned players that I play with often.

You can probably notice across the clips of many of your favorite Dominants, a lot of the bottoms are the same. That’s because they are our friends and play partners. Playing with someone you know well is different from beginning a play relationship.

Just as I say on my contact page, and my first session blog, I am never going to start you at full speed. We need to get to know each other and we need room to grow.

The longer we know each other, the closer we can get to the play in the video, but it will be our version of that. What you watched was the version of play with those relationships.

Some people do film in a session style, or even film actual sessions, where you see the other stuff. That’s not as common, but you can see the difference. It’s not better or worse, just different.

I prefer to film differently. I prefer that my video style have a filming aesthetic. The downside is that the play changes for the sake of visuals. In person, I want to connect with the bottom. In a video, I want to connect with the camera.

My Clips and Sessions are Both Authentically Me.

I love playing with videos subs, in-person subs, and video watchers. If you are all three or just one, it doesn’t matter. All the play is enjoyable to me.

Remember all three experiences are going to be different. It’s not that I am a different person in my clips. It’s that you are only getting a one-dimensional view of me in a video.

When you come to see me, you get a multi-dimensional Mistress and a fully-developed scene. If the session were just like the video, I would be doing you a disservice. This whole blog goes triple if the clips you are imagining aren’t even clips of me.

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