Dungeon Changes and a new Domestic Space!

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I have great news for my spankos and foot fetishists. I have finally found a new domestic space for sessions. You can once again see me in a non-dungeon setting!

It isn’t all good news today, though. My main Manhattan dungeon has unexpectedly closed permanently. Manhattan is still a possibility, but Brooklyn is now my preferred location. Also, it will have much better availability.

You know I love all my foot fetish and spanking sessions. Why else would I offer my “Strictly Spanking” and “Solely Worship” sessions? The tricky thing about these sessions is that sometimes a dungeon just isn’t the right place for them.

It’s not as fun to do a domestic role play on a bondage table. Or a sensual, foot fetish session next to a wall of implements. It can sometimes take you out of the moment or kill the mood altogether.

I always want to ensure that we have the most fun possible. Your comfort is a large part of that. This new space will absolutely make you feel comfortable and enhance our fun.

Where can you see me for domestic scene?

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This new location is on the Upper West Side. For those coming in from upstate or Connecticut, you will find it is even easier to access than my previous domestic space. Everyone else will enjoy the ease of access too.

Another improvement is fewer stairs! No more treacherous, six flights up. The only thing wearing you out at our sessions will be me.

As well as convenient, you will find this space comfortable, clean, private, secure, and sexy. I am very excited to start taking sessions there. It’s not just for domestic scenes, more sensual scenes can be booked there as well.

Dungeons can be scary for someone who is exploring or prefers a more comfortable setting for their torment. This domestic space is perfect for that kind of play.

As for dungeon play, I have two amazing dungeons where I have come to enjoy playing. I have been using both for almost a year now. They are both spacious, well-equipped, and beautifully designed.

Expanding to Brooklyn this last year has made me wonder why I waited so long to do it. It’s brought me so many new and wonderful experiences! Because I have enjoyed it so much that I am now making Brooklyn my preference for sessions.

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I mentioned above that I will still accept Manhattan dungeon sessions. This is true, but only if Brooklyn is not an option for you. Brooklyn may be out of your way; if it is, I can let you know my availability for a Manhattan dungeon session.

My favorite Manhattan dungeon (since Parthenon’s closing) will be missed. I have yet to find such a space with the availability I prefer. When I do, Manhattan dungeon sessions will be easier to book.

Until then, come to Brooklyn; you will love it.

Don’t forget I also accept outcalls to hotels in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and some parts of Queens. If you need to stay where you are, let me know. Perhaps something can be arranged.

Domestic or Dungeon space, it's all about the experience.

I love expansion for the sake of being able to tailor every experience to how it will best serve us and our play. The setting isn’t everything, but it can definitely make a difference.

I want us to have everything we need to make each session our best. Whether that’s a domestic space, dungeon, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or your hotel. There are so many options; we’ll never be held back!

What type of space do you prefer? Tell me when you are booking your next session so I can choose what will suit us best.

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