COVID Safety Protocols – updated

Covid Safety vlog head of Elena De Luca in a nurse outfit

Update 8/27/2021: Masks are not required in session for those who are vaccinated.

I am very excited about my return to sessions, but that doesn’t mean we can just return to all the old ways. I have added several COVID safety precautions to ensure the best and safest sessions possible. Precautions will be taken before, after, and during your session.

At least one of the dungeons I will be using has added a disinfectant fogger to sterilize the air and room after each session. Several spaces are using sterilizing UV lights to sanitize the room after each session. So you can session knowing it is clean.

These are in addition to the post-session cleaning practices that have always been in place. Such as using medical grade cleaners on every toy and surface they can be used. Appropriate cleaning products are used on all other toys to ensure safety.

I have an autoclave and UV sanitizer at home for covid safety and extra cleanliness in general.

COVID safety in session

Covid safety blog content image 1 of Elena De Luca in a latex nurse outfit

Now let’s talk about some of the changes you will experience. At the door, you will be told to sanitize your hands. Then you will be given supplies to take a shower and brush your teeth. This is not required but it can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable for the session.

I have disposable masks available for use during and after the session, even if you have your own, if you prefer a fresh mask or need one. I am not requiring the use of masks for vaccinated players. I will answer the door masked and give you the option of if you would like one or both of us to wear a mask during the session.

Your shower, soap, toothbrush and hand sanitizer will be offered again  after the session, as well. For, however, you choose to prepare to leave. Showering does not come out of the session time but I ask that you are respectful of my time and the time we are allotted in the space.

Taking precautions to this level won’t always need to happen, but I’m happy to keep this going for the foreseeable future, necessary or not. I was doing most of it before anyway, I just wasn’t requiring as much from you.

Protocols really just make it hotter.

covid safety blog content image 2 of Elena De Luca in a latex nurse outfit

Of course, since we are still learning more and more each day about COVID safety, these guidelines could change. I will be following the CDC’s recommendations every step of the way. I’ll do whatever is necessary to keep us all safe.

I assure you that I can make even the most clinical of measures sexy. These precautions will not get in the way of a quality experience. On the contrary, these measures make the scene better!

For starters, medical play is super hot. I love anything that makes our fun more like mad science. Secondly, knowing we are playing as safe as possible means we both have one less stress on our minds. We can relax and get deeper into the headspace. Who doesn’t want that?

Comfort is the same reason I changed my pricing to encourage longer sessions and offer consultations. I want you to feel as relaxed as possible in my presence. That way I can create the unmitigated fear I enjoy so much.

These changes are subtle. I want you to be aware of these changes so you can feel safe when booking your session. Safety has always been a top priority to me, and COVID safety is no different.

After a year off, I am itching to get back to the fun we have always had. I know you are too. Now there is nothing to hold us back! Head to my contact page to book your session or send me any questions you have about my covid safety protocols.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions and ease your mind. I want to get your ass in front of me to serve asap!

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