The Importance of the Thank You Note

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I love a post-session thank you note. It makes me so happy for so many reasons. It also benefits you in our dynamic, whether I am your only domme or not. Having that email from you deepens our connection in the best way.

When I get a thank you note, I feel appreciated. I know I left a positive mark on you that you’re able to recognize. Taking the time to acknowledge it is even better. It shows I’m still a priority to you, even after the session is over and we have parted ways. It means a lot and makes me smile knowing you sent it of your own accord.

Of course, a thank you note is a great way to show appreciation, but there is so much more to it too.

Saying "thank you" benefits us both.

For one, it lets me know how you received the session. It shows your state of mind after leaving my presence. Your tone tells me if you are still in subspace, feeling grateful, or curious how to go even further. It’s also an opportunity to tell me how you felt in the session.

What did you like? What were you not expecting but enjoyed exploring? Why? These things help me know where I can take you next to expand our scenes. They also shine a light on our chemistry together, letting me know where our interests meshed together best.

Another great thing about the thank you note is when you use me as a reference to see another SWer. If I only saw you once, years ago, I may need to refresh my memory. The first thing I do is look to see if you sent a thank you. If you did, that note is what I will reference when I’m confirming you to another SW. If you didn’t, I also let them know that.

It works if we have a long gap as well. Say you come to see me, but then you have to move and can’t see me anymore. Then one day I come to your city, or you want to request to fly me to you, but it’s been a few years. You want to make sure I remember you fondly? If you sent a thank you note, I do.

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I will never ask for or require thank you notes. Like most things, I want to see who thinks to do it on their own. If I have to tell you to show appreciation, it takes something out of it. It has to be organic for you, something you feel compelled to do on your own.

Adoration, worship, and appreciation are things I take note of, but you must bring to me yourself. If you need to be told, or worse, forced, it’s not genuine. I don’t ever want to demand acknowledgment. I command acknowledgment.

We both know making me smile is one of your top priorities. I mean, it’s a great smile, plus I’m going to cause you a lot more pain when I am smiling. Why wouldn’t it be your principal objective? So next time we play together, whether in person, on the phone, or via webcam, think about sending that thank you note.

It doesn’t have to be immediately after the session; you can wait until the next day when you have come down from the scene and had time to process. Take two or three days if you’re still flying high. Even better, send two, one when you are still in the feelings and another after you have processed. I will never be mad to hear from you briefly in both states.

Bonus points for phone or text sessions, leave me a good review. I love those and they will definitely win favor in my eyes.

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