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The internet is filled with scammers. Many of them pretending to be me or at least using my photos*. Don’t be fooled by these scammers. They lurk on dating apps, social networks, even paid sites. They are making an entire business off my name and experience. You can help stop them.

I have very limited means of contact. I don’t use DMs on any free sites. Anyone can steal my photo and bio and make a profile. Only I am running my website. If you have to come to my website to reach me, you are guaranteed to only get me.

*I have been posting photos on the internet or over a decade. If someone sends you photos of me to “verify” or “prove” they are me, it’s not me. Reverse image search is your friend.

Research is scammer kryptonite.

In general, you should always make it a point to research any domme who wants your money. We have websites, use them! If you meet someone on some kinky dating app who requests that you p*ypal or whatever them, find their website and contact them there first. I get emails constantly asking to verify that it’s “me” someone is speaking to on some app. Spoiler: It’s never me.

I began using email as my only means of communication to streamline. Having just one inbox to manage made my life much easier and made sure messages didn’t get neglected (as often). That’s when I realized how many scammers were out there. So many subs started talking about conversations “I” was having in DMs. More Spoilers: It wasn’t me.

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Some things to remember to avoid these fake fucker scammers:

  • I only use the names “ElenaDeLuca” and “MsElenaDeLuca”, never with numbers, underscores or symbols.
  • I never go by “Mistress”, “Miss” or “Goddess”. I don’t even like to be called these things in play.
  • I never respond to DM on social sites. I state in my bio that you need to email directly and/or visit my site to reach me.
  • I will never demand money on a social networking site. That is just tacky.
  • I never do any booking via social sites. Again, it’s tacky.
  • I do not accept p@ypal, c@shapp or circlep@y.
  • I no longer accept g*ftrocket.
  • I live in NYC, not Wichita Falls or London.*
  • I was born in 1984, I have no connection to the year 1990. I have never used the email “”. That is a scammer*
  • My Instagram was deleted. I only have my @BlackStilettoArmy account now.
  • I am not active on any dating apps or kinky social sites, like*. Only Fetlife and my profile says not to DM there.
  • Anywhere I can be found is listed on my links page. If it’s not there, it’s not me.
  • I don’t respond on skype unless you have already booked and tributed for a session.
  • I don’t do verification videos or photos*. I have enough proof of who I am.
  • My sound and camera will always work when we do a webcam session. Otherwise, what’s the point?*
  • I do not have Whatsapp.*
  • I have never been and will never be on Kik.*

*These refer to regular scammers.
**I will try to keep this list updated with any new scams I learn of.

I have very few exceptions to these:

  • If you want to casually chat, I use SextPanther.
  • I will answer one or two DMs on my fanclub sites for free but don’t push it.
  • I will generally respond publicly on Twitter, but my DMs are closed.
  • I am on NiteFlirt as “DominaElena” because I made that account at the beginning of my career when I was still deciding on a title.
  • I am on MaxFisch as “MistressElena” because I made that account before I even thought to change my title.
  • Occasionally I will sign up for a site just to report someone pretending to be me or to hold the name. I am not active. Do not bother engaging.

These people keep doing this because they are getting something out of it. Sometimes it’s the thrill of being someone else, sometimes it’s getting a rise out of you. Usually, it’s money. Cut off the things that make it fun to be me and they stop.

To sum up, stop giving money to these disgusting grifters. Stop giving them attention. Report and block them as soon as you see them. If their accounts keep getting taken down, these catfish bitches will get tired of putting in the work to make new accounts and move on.

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