Happy Holiday Hiatus and Welcome to 2022!

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The “Holiday Season” has come and gone, and I loved it! Mostly. It’s an amazing time of year. Pretty lights everywhere; winter is still novel enough that I don’t mind all the layers, so many peppermint flavored treats. Even the cheesy movies make me smile.

Perhaps it’s partly because I’m still riding the high from my birthday and all the Thanksgiving food, but I love December. That time of the year is wonderful.

This month, I’m back to my cynical self, but in December, I blast Mariah Carey and drink hot chocolate. Okay, I do that most months, but I’m jolly about it in December.

The "Holiday Season" was great for gifts and worship.

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You were so generous for my birthday and Christmas. I loved being showered with all your gifts. I never want the feeling to end. Lucky for me, it doesn’t.

My wishlist was emptied so much in November and December that I had to add lots of new items. I even expanded the list of gift cards I accept on my tribute page and added a section for luxury brands I enjoy.

If you plan to send me something special from Jimmy Choo, Hermes or Tiffany, send me an email directly for a mailing address; or bring it to our next session. Bonus points if we go shopping for it together.

My sister, Klarissa De Luca, turned 22 on December 7th. I hope you sent her a gift. If not, You can still send gits for her birthday and Christmas.

For her birthday, I am booking the 2 of us a trip to Paris. It will be a vanilla trip, no work, next fall. You can send Hotels.com gift cards to celebrate us both.

Gifts are great, but they aren’t what makes the season. I live for the decorations and the themed events. This year I visited Lillie’s Victorian, the Union Sq Christmas market, Rockefeller Center (at midnight, it’s the only way), and the Madison Sq Tree Lighting. I, of course, also took part in many of my own little traditions of the season.

I’m balancing this out by not leaving my apartment again until Spring thaw. Except for sessions or travel to warmer locales, when COVID allows. I tend to blow my whole winter load in December. I regret nothing.

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My holiday season was dampened a bit when I tested positive for COVID before Christmas. I had to spend Christmas and New Year’s in quarantine. The rising COVID cases had already had me canceling New Year’s plans, but Christmas was more difficult to give up.

I will be partaking in a belated Christmas celebration with my family soon. Seeing my family is important to me; I won’t be taking any chances this time. I will not be accepting in-person sessions until after I have had the opportunity to see my family.

The upside is that we can still play safely from a distance! Not having to travel to the dungeon will give me much more availability for online play. I’ll be on SextPanther and NiteFlirt at least 2-3 days a week while I’m staying home.

My Holiday Hiatus

I’m hoping to only stay on hiatus until January 15th. I may extend it to February 1st if it just looks too dangerous to be playing in person. You know I care about safety first. I would never want to be the reason you or a member of your family got this terrible virus.

The only constant we have seen over the last two years is that we can’t predict any of this. My 2020 hiatus started as a two-week shutdown. Little did I know it would last for 54 weeks.

I can’t say exactly how this spike will go. If it will be one week, two weeks, a month, or more, is out of my control. What I do know, is that I’ll require proof of vaccination and booster for sessions when I return.

We will talk more about that when I am ready to come out of my prolonged holiday lockdown. In the meantime, you can chat with me online about all the sadistic things I plan to do to you the next time I play with you.

Until then, keep those Christmas gifts coming because my holiday isn’t over yet!

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