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I’m always grateful to have so many opportunities to give interviews. Recently, I had the chance to be interviewed by Craig from SinSearch with my good friend, Maya Midnight, for the new interview section on It turned out to be an unexpectedly hilarious time.

I’ve given many interviews over the years, but I will say, interviews with friends always turn out funnier. I should mention that Maya and I had been at an unlimited brunch beforehand. This may or may not have been good fortune for Craig, but it was definitely good fortune for you.

Even luckier, it was filmed! The whole interview can be watched on! Over 90 minutes of two happy sadists discussing why we love hurting you so much. I swear it’s not just because it’s funny.

2 Happy Sadists and SinSearch

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On Maya and I talk thoroughly about the different ways we want to hurt you and why. If you have never seen an interview with either of us before, you will also get to learn our origin stories. How we discovered we are sadists.

We also came up together as Pro Dommes. Starting at nearly the same time at our first dungeon, going to our 2nd dungeon together, and being roommates at the time.

We have shared many experiences and many subs. I’m honestly amazed it took us this long to share an interview.  You’re welcome that we finally did it. If you haven’t had the pleasure of serving us together, you can get a feel for it here.

Not my first interview

Craig’s was our first interview together, but this SinSearch interview was not my first. I have also be interviewed alone and with friends for MasoCast, The FemDom Mystique, DommeLinx,, Domme Addiction, and Profoundly Pointless Podcast.

I highly recommend Mistress Simone’s FemDom Mystique interview with Mistress Wynter, Megan McCord, and me. Mistress Simone had come to NYC to visit Mistress Wynter and I. Megan was hanging out with us that day, so we joined the interview.

Those are just the interviews that were recorded and are still available! I have done many others for special events, live shows, and some now-defunct publications. I also have an interview on that just came out. It has been added to the “Friends and Interviews” portion of my Links page.

If you have a platform and would like to interview me, send an email to or visit my contact page. I love giving interviews. The more ways available to get to know me, the better you can decide if I am the right dominant for you.

If you have any recordings or transcripts of interviews I don’t have linked, feel free to send me the links so I can share them! Some might be as much as a decade old. I have grown and evolved as a person and a dominant, but I won’t run from previous versions of who I am.

In 10 years, I will probably have a good laugh at how I overshared in this interview. I’m not ashamed though, it was time you really understood just how deeply I enjoy your suffering.

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I hope all of you find the same joy in sadism as Maya and I do. If you don’t, watch this interview and then come to see one or both of us, and we can help you explore the beauty of suffering for a happy dominant.

Now, stop reading about my interviews and got check them out! Start with the interview with Maya Midnight. Watch the video or join Craig’s Patreon to get the audio. You won’t regret it. I watched it and it was easily as funny to see as it was to film.

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