Join me on My 1st visit to Poughkeepsie!

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I go upstate a lot. I love the Hudson Valley and the Catskill mountains. I’ve traveled north of my city many times on vacation, but never to Poughkeepsie, and never to session; until now!

Friday, March 24th thru Sunday, March 26th, you can book a session with me at Miss Adah Vonn’s Less Dead Studio in Poughkeepsie. It is going to be three full of kinky fun. Will I see you there?

Once in a while, I get the question, “do you come upstate?”. For nearly 14 years, I have scoffed at the idea. I live in NYC. You can come down to me. You can thank Miss Adah for changing my mind. When she offered me the opportunity to see her Poughkeepsie space and hang out for a weekend, I couldn’t resist.

Since I have put it off so long, I want to make the most of it. I arrive early Friday morning and leave late Sunday night. I’ll accept sessions, film, teach two classes, and do a photo shoot during my stay. I always enjoy a tour like this because I have non-stop kinky experiences for days.

3 Days in Poughkeepsie

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You can book a session with me alone or treat yourself to a double (or even a triple) with Miss Adah or any of your favorite upstate dommes and me. I accept 30 min Solely Worship and Strictly Spanking sessions when I tour select cities. Poughkeepsie is one of those lucky tour stops.

I strongly recommend booking in advance to ensure my availability. I have booked my Saturday afternoon with classes from 1-4 pm. Sunday evening, I have a photo shoot with Miss Sierra Fox. For now, Friday is fully available.

You have been begging for this so long that I expect you to jump at the opportunity. I want to see my schedule completely packed with fun subs excited to explore any or all of my main interests.

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Whether or not I will see your face in session, you should come to either or both of my classes on Saturday. Tell your friends too. I design my seminars to feel safe for vanilla and inexperienced; while helping seasoned players hone their skills. I welcome all genders, sexualities, kink identities, and experience levels.

My first class is Role Play from 1-2 pm. If you have ever wanted to explore being someone else or somewhere else during your kinky or sexual encounters, this class is for you. I will cover how to tell your partner you want to try role-playing, how to negotiate taboo scenes, a variety of scene types, how to create a scene with no budget or experience, and of course, what to do when things go wrong.

From 3-4 pm, I’m teaching Spanking. This seminar will be technique-focused; feel free to bring a bottom or come alone. I am covering how to give your partner the disciple they crave with and without leaving marks, how not to hurt yourself when hurting them, making sure they have learned their lesson and common scenarios you may want to use to enhance your play.

Each class alone is $30, or you can pay $50 to come for both. These classes go very well together. I’ve taught role-play for years, but my spanking class is brand new. It will be the first time I am formally teaching this subject. You can be among the first to learn all my spanking skills in one class.

Filming and Photos to Come

As well as getting back to touring, I am dipping my toe back into filming. I had my first video shoot in almost a year a few weeks ago. This will be my second. I enjoy being in front of the camera again, and you get to enjoy the new scenes on the Less Dead Studio clip sites. Lucky you! 

The store hasn’t launched yet, but it will be out soon. Keep an eye on Less Dead Studio’s website for updates!

I’m also doing a photo shoot while I’m there to really take advantage of Miss Adah’s beautiful space. Miss Sierra Fox will be taking my photo on Sunday before I leave Poughkeepsie, so I can share them with you shortly after my trip. Maybe in time for my 14th-anniversary celebration in April? We will see.

I am very excited to take on this new experience. I hope you’re as delighted to see me in your area for the first time. I’m sure it’ll be an experience neither of us will forget. If you make it as good as I hope, I’ll have to make Poughkeepsie and the Less Dead Studio a regular stop.

After this stop, where else do you want to see me? You can send an email or tweet to me to tell me!

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